[plt-scheme] formatting integer in string

From: Michael Vanier (mvanier at cs.caltech.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 19 20:14:00 EDT 2002

> Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 09:53:09 -0700
> From: Bruce Butterfield <bab at entricom.com>
> Chris Uzdavinis wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks guys.  I appreciate the help.  SLIB and some of the other
> > "common" libraries are looking quite useful.
> > 
> > (I wish there were more "practical" programming features standardized
> > in Scheme, like hash tables, networking, threads, an object system,
> > regular expressions, and so forth.  These are the additions that make
> > mzscheme so nice, but simultaneously are what make code that use thm
> > unportable.)
> > 
> The SRFIs are a step towards some standardization but I wouldn't hold my 
> breath for a standard library implemented by all the major players. I 
> use mzscheme because:
> 	1) It has what I need now
> 	2) It is being actively developed so it should have what I need in future
> 	3) Very serious commitment to quality from the PLT team
> 	4) Lots of source to learn from
> 	5) Very productive (and fun) development environment
> Now if there was a real debugger...

Amen to that last comment!  That's the main reason why we're going to use
MIT scheme instead of DrScheme this fall in Caltech CS 1 (not that the MIT
scheme debugger is all that pleasant either).  


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