[racket-dev] Package compatibility

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jul 8 09:27:42 EDT 2013

Just now, Jay McCarthy wrote:
> The problem with that is that there is no way to ensure that there
> is only one package named "data/red-black-tree"

There's no need to ensure such a thing -- and IIUC, the current system
doesn't do that neither modulo a bunch of blessed packages.

> and there can be two mutually incompatible universes of packages for
> Carl's rbts and mine, for instance.

This is also something that could happen now in the same way.  But I
don't see anything wrong with having this ability: I can hack my own
racket/list to do whatever I want, and therefore I should be able to
make a package that has this hacked version of the file.  I'd be
mostly living in my own world whether this hack is done with a package
system or directly.

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