[racket-dev] making DrRacket.app

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Mon Jul 8 11:28:12 EDT 2013

I admit I have not built DrRacket in a couple of months.  I just did a git pull, rebuilt ("make"), and now if I open:


it runs, but if I move the racket directory to where I used to put it (/usr/local) and try running:


it doesn't start up.  I'm guessing this happened because "make" is the same as "make in-place" and I may have some kind of hard-coded path now in the build.  Should I have built with a prefix /usr/local ("--prefix=/usr/local" ?).  I want "racket" directory built to end up in /usr/local .

I used to do "make" and then "make install".  In between I would move /usr/local/racket to /usr/local/racket-old in case something went wrong and I needed to go back to the last successful build.


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