[racket-dev] Racket 5.3 pre-release impressions?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Jul 28 15:13:26 EDT 2012

FWIW, I just tested 16 or so additional PLaneT packages in DrRacket 5.3 
pre-release, and no problems.

Neil Van Dyke wrote at 07/28/2012 02:56 PM:
> Regarding Racket 5.3, I am more cautious than I recall being about a 
> previous Racket minor version release.
> The information I have so far is mixed, rather that overwhelmingly 
> reassuring.
> If anyone has comments on their sense of 5.3 reliability at this 
> point, that might help me.
> Some good news: one of my consulting clients had me do some 
> preliminary testing of their large code base with the Racket 5.3 
> pre-release, and there has been no problem with that testing so far.
> However, in testing 5.3 pre-releases with my personally-owned code, 
> rather than clients' code, so far I've found what looks like 2 bugs in 
> the 5.3 pre-release.  This was surprising to me, since I expected 0 
> bugs.  I have not yet tried the majority of my personally-owned code.
> Until I get a better sense, I would expect to keep production servers 
> at 5.2.1 for a while after the 5.3 release.  I'm also probably going 
> to go to some trouble to avoid using new 5.3 features in some code 
> that might be deployed to production in the very near term.
> More information might be reassuring to me.
> Neil V.

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