[plt-dev] Bug reports

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Feb 23 15:18:57 EST 2010

On Feb 23, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> Why change? Gnats is great.

An Ideal system:

* Will send notification emails in the same way that it does now,
  which means that 90% of your interaction with it would be the same.

* It will make it easy to write a new bug, asking for just the
  necessary information.  We have that two through the cgi script or

* You'll be able to add attachements to bug reports, with
  attachemenets in email replies that turn into downloadable files
  (from the web page), and images being displayed on the web page.

* You'll be able to do common operations via email.  For example,
  reply to a bug report with "[status:closed]" in the end and the bug
  gets closed.  Same for (re)assigning bugs to people and/or

* You'll be able to do the same from commit messages: just adding some
  string like "[bug123 status:closed]" to a commit will mark it as
  closed (and forward the log message to the people who follow the bug

* It will use tags for categories.  With gnats we have a fixed number
  of such categories, and extending that is expensive.  (One way to
  see that is that we still have categories for "drscheme-jr",
  "mc-mic-mac", and other such antiques -- removing them will break
  old bugs.)  Tags solve that by making the system take a dynamic set
  of categories as a design decision.

* It will have an interface that is convenient enough that the current
  set of people who do general work on the bug db (consisting of about
  1.2 people) can grow.

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