[racket] Huge executable

From: Ferreira Maurizio (maurizio.ferreira at seling.it)
Date: Wed Dec 21 11:34:58 EST 2011

I see that compiling even a small example I get an huge executable, while the programs in the Racket directory
are very small (192 kb)

This Is the source (test.rkt) :

#lang racket
(require racket/gui/base)

(define frame (new frame% [label "Example"]))
(define msg (new message% [parent frame] [label "No events so far..."]))
(send frame show #t)

And this is the command  used

Raco exe --gui test

Program size : 6.48 MB
I tried also to compile from inside DrRacket, with the same results.

I've tried it both with Racket 5.2 and racket

Any suggestion ?

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