[racket] Language tabs in documentation

From: José Lopes (jose.lopes at ist.utl.pt)
Date: Wed Dec 21 04:28:03 EST 2011


Since one of the main objectives of Racket it to develop other languages,
it would be nice to have something like the MSDN language tabs in the 

I have a library which exports a portable API and front-end languages 
that export bindings for Racket, JavaScript and etc.
And because these languages use different naming conventions I would 
like to export different names and document them in a nice, centralized 

I have just started using scribble, so I am not sure if there is a way 
to do this. Is there?


José António Branquinho de Oliveira Lopes
58612 - MEIC-A
jose.lopes at ist.utl.pt

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