[racket] W: A Game Written in Racket

From: Thom Chiovoloni (chiovolonit at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 20 17:39:04 EST 2011

Hello Racket users!

As some of you might know, last weekend was Ludum
a game development competition where the members attempt to write a game in
either 48 or 72 hours (depending on the competition they are entering).

I entered the 72 hour competition, and wrote my entry in Racket.  I chose
Racket for this because while it's not one of the traditional game
development languages, it is a powerful language with a full-featured and
robust gui toolkit, and also because development time of Racket code is
very low (assuming I already know the contents of the documentation).

Enough about that!

The game is named W, and is a puzzle/adventure type game.  It is quite
short as of right now (only 5 rooms, a symptom of the design, code, art,
and sound effects being created in 72 hours), but with any luck I will
continue updating it this winter.

You can find the game and source on its entry page
screenshots), or on its GitHub page here <https://github.com/thomcc/W>.
(note that those two links do not point to identical versions of the game,
the GitHub page is still in active development, the submitted version is
available as the ldjam branch).

Anyway, I just thought some of you might think this was cool, so I hope you
take a look!

-Thom (also known as yoklov, on the IRC channel)
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