[racket] geiser evaluation not working

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Mon Dec 13 19:56:43 EST 2010

hi prad,

On Mon, Dec 13 2010, prad wrote:

> geiser works great except it doesn't evaluate anything for me.
> not C-x C-e, C-M-x none of the region evals either. i get => #<void>
> and the definition isn't recognized in the repl.

the definition is evaluated in the namespace of the file's module, which
is probably *not* the module the REPL is in.

if you switch to the REPL with C-u C-c C-z, it will enter the file's
module and you should see its definition all right.

(the introductory section of the manual, as well as the REPL chapter,
try to clarify geiser's 'modus operandi'... apparently with little
success :))


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