[racket] geiser evaluation not working

From: prad (prad at towardsfreedom.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 21:11:22 EST 2010

On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 01:56:43 +0100
"Jose A. Ortega Ruiz" <jao at gnu.org> wrote:

> if you switch to the REPL with C-u C-c C-z, it will enter the file's
> module and you should see its definition all right.
ok with some fiddling and re-reading i was able to get this to work.
it puts out a 
 ,enter (file <whateverfile>)
in the repl when i start it with C-u C-c C-z

> (the introductory section of the manual, as well as the REPL chapter,
> try to clarify geiser's 'modus operandi'... apparently with little
> success :))
well that's not your fault - it's mine.
i don't pick up on things too quickly sometimes.
it's a great package as is quack - much appreciation to both you and
neil!. i look forward to using both!

many thanks for your help!

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