[plt-scheme] Computers considered harmful

From: ebellani at gmail.com (ebellani at gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 6 18:54:00 EDT 2009

> i'll be contrary and say that i think having somebody learn
> programming through spreadsheets is actually something of a nice idea.
> i mean, if the spreadsheet thing really is motivation for them. sorta
> like if somebody learns to write code initially because they like
> modding video games. sure, their code might suck at first, but heck
> whose doesn't?

I would agree, if someone express himself through a spreadsheet, or
if a spreadsheet is a vital point in the way of advancing in a project, sure,
go ahead. What I have a problem with is the "having somebody learn" part.

That implies a kind of forcing, at least that is what I understand by your words.
I don't think anyone should be forced to interact with a computer on the computer's 
terms, for the same reason that a carpenter doesn't interact with the wood only in the wood 
term, it is absurd.

Eduardo Bellani


Someone once called me "just a dreamer"
That offended me, the "just" part.
Being a dreamer is hard work.
It really gets hard when you start believing in your dreams.
--Doug Engelbart

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