[plt-scheme] behaviour of void?

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:43:13 EST 2009

> Personally, I found projects involving computer algebra, (crude) natural
> language parsing, and programming language implementation quite exciting.
> (This was way back when I took a course based on SICP.)
> I'd like to see more projects like those.  Today I'm told either that that's
> too hard or that it's not exciting to students today.

It's not too hard at all.  Our courses routinely assign these kinds of
assignments.  But we also have to train our students to understand
modern systems.

SICP was not written for an interactive (in the sense of a
computational model) era.  The world effort is an strong attempt to
make functional programming just as relevant to modern computation.

What happens inside the system between interactions can still involve
algebra, NLP, or language interpretation -- and often does.

So please, let's not create unnecessary dichotomies or call into
question what students can or will do.  There's just more that they
*need* to do, and our curricula need to scale to those needs.


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