[plt-scheme] behaviour of void?

From: Arthur Nunes-Harwit (anh at cs.rit.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:32:55 EST 2009


On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Prabhakar Ragde wrote:

> Part of what I (and many others) would like to see are ways of 
> attracting students to CS who might be turned off by the gaming 
> stereotypes fostered in pre-secondary settings (many of them, in our 
> setting, will have strong math skills). So suggestions for projects that 
> are not games would also be appreciated. --PR

Personally, I found projects involving computer algebra, (crude) natural 
language parsing, and programming language implementation quite exciting. 
(This was way back when I took a course based on SICP.)

I'd like to see more projects like those.  Today I'm told either that 
that's too hard or that it's not exciting to students today.


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