[plt-scheme] Help test the new PLaneT server!

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 2 18:26:36 EST 2007

>  - going to http://coach.cs.uchicago.edu/servlets/planet/display-servlet.ss
>  - configuring your planet client to pull from coach by changing the
> line in collects/planet/config.ss from

Hi Jacob,

Here are comments and suggestions:

1.  I've been trying to edit metadata on ahocorasick.plt, but changes to 
the "Home page" field doesn't appear to stick.  I tried setting the value 


The error message that occurs:

    """Oops! An internal error occured. The problem has been logged, but if
    you have any further information to report, please email
    planet at plt-scheme.org."""

is something I missed the first few times I tried this.  It might be more 
visible if it were in a color like red or green, to distinguish it from 
regular text.

The bug isn't actually specific to the homepage field: just pressing 
update on my ahocorasick package metadata update page raises an error.

2.  The metadata page is missing categorization.

3.  There only seems to be one major/minor version of each package 
available: from the add-servlet.ss/metadata-updating page.  What happens 
if someone is maintaining several major versions of a PLaneT package? 
>From the "Your packages" page:


there's no link to the other versions of each package, although I do see 
it here:


Concretely, I have generator.plt, which has two major number releases.

Overall, this does feel like a good improvement over the previous PLaneT 
system; anything to reduce your load is a good thing.  *grin* I'll play 
around with package submission a little later tonight.

Thanks again!

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