[plt-scheme] Colleges using DrScheme

From: Patrick Collison (patrick at collison.ie)
Date: Thu Jul 13 06:19:46 EDT 2006


I'm working at the University of Limerick in Ireland, and trying to  
encourage a switch from MIT Scheme + Emacs to DrScheme for the  
introductory programming classes here.

As part of this, the admin folks are interested in knowing about  
other schools that use DrScheme for introductory purposes. I know (or  
at least presume) that many of the colleges that have members in the  
PLT Scheme group (Northeastern, Brown, etc.) use it, but I'm more  
interested in the real "end users" (that have no expertise in  
DrScheme itself).

Is there any sort of list of colleges available? I came across http:// 
www.schemers.com/schools.html, but this gives no indication whether  
the school specifically uses DrScheme, and anyway seems a little out- 
of-date (for a number of the schools on it, I can't find any evidence  
that they do use Scheme. Their online class listings mention other  

Thanks for any help or pointers,


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