[plt-scheme] Error installing SchemeUnit 2.0

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Aug 8 15:12:02 EDT 2006

Thanks for the info.  I've fixed the cookbook page (I think
if you click on Edit you'll eventually be taken to a page
where you can sign up).  Fixing the Schematics page is
wallowing at the bottom of my todo list.  Most software
goes via Planet these days, so it doesn't seem so


--- Jordan Johnson <jmj at soe.ucsc.edu> wrote:

> OK, thanks.  FWIW, this is my first use of SchemeUnit,
> and I  
> downloaded it by following the link from the Scheme
> Cookbook (http:// 
> schemecookbook.org/Cookbook/SchemeUnit); there is no
> apparent  
> reference to v3.x there, or on the SourceForge site. 
> (I'd fix the  
> wiki entry myself, but just offhand I don't see where one
> would  
> create a user account, or a relevant FAQ...)
> Cheers,
> jmj

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