[plt-scheme] how to write a web sever

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 1 08:53:57 EST 2004

On Apr 1, 2004, at 7:09 AM, Noel Welsh wrote:

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> --- schemer <schemer at avl.com.cn> wrote:
>> Now I want to write a program using PLT-Scheme. The
>> program should be a web sever...
>> I know that there is a web-sever program in
>> DrScheme. How can I use it?
> Do you want to write:
> a) a webserver? OR
> b) a program that runs within a webserver?
> They are quite different things.  If the former you'll
> want to read at least the HTTP spec and learn about
> PLT Scheme's TCP ports.  For the latter you'll want to
> read about 'servlets' in Help Desk, and look at some
> of the examples provided with PLT Scheme.

You may also want to look at


and follow the link to HtDP+. It contains an Extended Exercise,
modeled on HtDP, for programming servlets.

If you really want to write a Web server, I suggest you study
the code of the PLT web server.

-- Matthias

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