[plt-scheme] libmzgc.a, libmzscheme.a on Mac OS X?

From: Khorev Sergey (Khorev at SoftLab.RU)
Date: Thu Apr 1 06:28:47 EST 2004

> I'm trying to compile Sergey Khorev's MzVim, but gcc complains that 
> libmzgc.a and libmzscheme.a are unavailable. I see that they 
> are not in 
> /Applications/PLT Scheme v206/lib subdirectory, but mzdyn.o 
> is. (I used 
> the Mac OS X installer for DrScheme.)

As noticed, I am not Mac OS X expert. But we can clarify some things with
the following:
Create some file, say ext.c, which contents:
#include "escheme.h"
Scheme_Object *scheme_reload(Scheme_Env *env)
  return scheme_void;
Scheme_Object *scheme_initialize(Scheme_Env *env)
  return scheme_reload(env);
Scheme_Object *scheme_module_name()
  return scheme_false;

Then issue the following commands:
mzc -v --cc ext.c
mzc -v --ld ext.so ext.o

And send their output to me. It may help ;)

Sergey Khorev
Do not put so much sugar in your coffee, or he will think you extravagant.

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