[plt-scheme] how to write a web sever

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 1 07:09:08 EST 2004

--- schemer <schemer at avl.com.cn> wrote:
> Now I want to write a program using PLT-Scheme. The
> program should be a web sever...

> I know that there is a web-sever program in
> DrScheme. How can I use it? 

Do you want to write:

a) a webserver? OR
b) a program that runs within a webserver?

They are quite different things.  If the former you'll
want to read at least the HTTP spec and learn about
PLT Scheme's TCP ports.  For the latter you'll want to
read about 'servlets' in Help Desk, and look at some
of the examples provided with PLT Scheme.


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