[racket] Can I get some feedback / a code review for some simple game code?

From: Alexis King (lexi.lambda at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 16 04:01:25 EDT 2015

I wrote a “game” (in quotes because it’s a WIP and barely qualifies as a game in its current state) using Typed Racket and big-bang. You can find it here:

https://github.com/lexi-lambda/racket-pipe-game-clone <https://github.com/lexi-lambda/racket-pipe-game-clone>

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at writing a very simple game in Racket using pure functional programming, and this was my first attempt at doing so. I think it’s turned out rather nice thus far, but I’d love to get some advice or feedback from more seasoned programmers.

My design philosophy for this project along with other information is included in the project’s README.

I’ve also decided to post this on the r/Racket subreddit <http://www.reddit.com/r/Racket/comments/2z7nlo/a_wip_purely_functional_game_implemented_using/>, just for fun, though I get the sense it’s relatively dormant. Anyway, any method of feedback would be much appreciated—whether it be via email, comment on Reddit, or even inline comments on GitHub.


P.S. Also, a big shoutout to all the people who contributed in some way, however small, to all the awesome tools that went into making this little project! I’m pitifully incompetent when it comes to graphics programming and game development, but working with pict and big-bang in Typed Racket was stunningly easy. Thanks for making that all possible.
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