[racket] xslt

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sat Feb 28 14:23:19 EST 2015

DJ wrote on 02/28/2015 11:49 AM:
> I have spent a half hour searching for info on how to run xslt 
> transforms in racket. All that I can find is a mention that sxml /used 
> to have/ xslt but doesn't any more. I would prefer native racket 
> rather than some kind of ffi solution if possible.

I don't know (I made my own transformer languages back when I did more 
XML), but you can try looking at Oleg Kiselyov's documents about SXML 
transformation, at:

With that knowledge, then either:
* wait for someone (John Clements?) to speak up and say they've packaged 
that code of Oleg's;
* grep the source of the available SXML-related Racket packages to see 
which has Oleg's definitions, and the exact names; or
* turn Oleg's code from his site into a new Racket package.

I wouldn't use FFI at all; I suspect that SSAX and SXML are better than 
anything one could get through FFI.

(I think there's been a lot less industry interest in XML than there 
used to be, thanks to JSON, and thanks to current framework tutorials 
that no longer push XML much.  Plus, there are accidents behind why 
Racket didn't happen to have well-documented packages of Oleg's stuff 
over 10 years ago.  The good news is that Oleg did great work on XML in 
Scheme, and his code can be used in Racket with just a little trouble.  
One of my consulting clients has been using some of the SXML tools 
constantly in production for a decade now: Oleg's SSAX, Oleg's SXPath, 
Jim Bender's sxml-match, and some custom stuff.)

Neil V.

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