[racket] script-plugin for DrRacket from laurent

From: razo (r.tiefenthal at gmx.de)
Date: Mon Feb 16 15:22:50 EST 2015


I can't get key shortcuts to work properly. In case you don't know about 
Laurent Orseau's tool: "The Script Plugin’s purpose is to make it easy 
to extend DrRacket with small Racket scripts..."

I have a few scripts which I can activate via key shortcuts, but only 
with some "prefix" like control or shift. When I leave the short-cut 
prefix list in the config file empty I would expect to be able to just 
press the shortcut key but instead nothing happens, it still behaves as 
if I had chosen control as the prefix. In the menu it reads correctly, 
eg."insert-parenthes Ö" but it behaves as if it was "Ctrl+Ö". I also 
tried setting shortcut-prefix to false (#f), choosing other keys than Ö, 
but nothing works. Any ideas?

A typical .rktd file is:

((label . "insert-parenthes")
  (functions . item-callback)
  (shortcut . #\ö)
  (shortcut-prefix . ())
  (help-string . "Help String")
  (output-to . selection)
  (persistent . #t)
  (active . #t))


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