[racket] [GENERAL] Off Topic: Anybody reading this via news.gmane.org?

From: Adrian Klaver (adrian.klaver at aklaver.com)
Date: Thu Sep 25 20:25:15 EDT 2014

On 09/25/2014 05:13 PM, George Neuner wrote:
> On 9/25/2014 5:26 PM, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
>> You can check your IP addr against the list at
>> "http://gmane.org/denied.php".
>> Neil V.
> On 9/25/2014 7:08 PM, Adrian Klaver wrote:
>> Take a look here:
>> http://gmane.org/denied.php
>> My guess is you are the fourth one from the bottom.
>> Might want to take a look at this thread to see what your options are
>> and what the turn around time is on your request:
>> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.discuss/16309
> Thanks to both of you - I missed seeing the entry about the denied list
> in the FAQ.
> Adrian you were right - it seems that I have been blocked for some
> reason.  Based on the description of infractions I really don't think I
> did anything to warrant it ... but there it is.  I'll have to follow my
> lists by email until I can unblocked.

I think the relevant part at gmane.org/denied.php is:

"Since there is no way to identify users, news readers are denied on a 
domain/IP basis. So if somebody on a machine close to you downloaded the 
news spool yesterday, you're likely to be denied today"

> Thanks again,
> George

Adrian Klaver
adrian.klaver at aklaver.com

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