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From: mukesh tiwari (mukeshtiwari.iiitm at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 17 02:04:19 EDT 2014

Dear Racket Users,
I am learning racket and I found little bit misleading statement on guide
[1]. It says that "*Both the my-length and my-map functions run in O(n)
time for a list of length n.*". Technically this statement is correct but
when I read below


*For a list with n elements, evaluation will stack up n (+ 1 ...)
additions, and then finally add them up when the list is exhausted.You can
avoid piling up additions by adding along the way. To accumulate a length
this way, we need a function that takes both a list and the length of the
list seen so far; the code below uses a local function iter that
accumulates the length in an argument len*".

so just curious, shouldn't it be "*Both the my-length and my-map functions
run in O(n) space for a list of length n.*" ?

-Mukesh Tiwari

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