[racket] new Jr. Racket Developer job

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Sep 16 23:31:29 EDT 2014

I'm helping a colleague hire a smart junior-level Racket developer.

The job spec is still being ironed-out, but a top candidate would be 
someone smart and responsible, and who has some experience with all of 
Racket, Java, and Python.

More important than any particular languages/tools is the demonstrated 
capacity to grasp more than one programming paradigm. So, if you've done 
idiomatic programming in each of, say, Racket, SIMULA, and ALGOL, you'd 
still be a good candidate.  Already knowing some Racket really helps you 
stand out, though.

This is for a real full-time salaried job, with the usual benefits. 
Telecommuting is possible, and the office is in the Eastern NY state 
area (not NYC area).

The company is not a startup nor a dotcom, and it is not all 
Google-exciting (no snack rooms, no plastic ball pools, no concierges).  
This is an established, stable, small-to-mid company, in a group that 
works on sober things like safety-critical process improvement.

An official job posting will be made later, once details are figured 
out.  But I'm testing the waters initially just on this Racket email 
list.  So, if you're still reading this post to this Racket email list, 
and you're interested in this junior-level Racket developer position, 
then please feel free to email your resume to me now (in PDF or ASCII 
format), and I'll pass it along.

BTW, the job is "junior" only in terms of professional Racket 
development experience, and in the challenge level of work needed right 
now.  It's very much open to all ages, and diversity is also welcome in 
general at the company.

Please *don't* re-post this elsewhere at this time; my email beep thanks 

Neil V.

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