[racket] Plugin Development

From: Adam C.M. Solove (asolove at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 9 22:51:39 EDT 2014

Thank you for the clarification.

Before I abandon myself to working this way, let me try another
possibility. I'd like to interactively try out the functions I'm writing,
but I run into two conceptual blocks that expose some of my ignorance on
Racket. First, as the functions are wrapped in a unit which has some
imports, I can't seem to "get at" those functions from the repl, though I
have a reference to the unit itself. Second, I assume that even if I could
get to the functions in the repl, they would be running within the user
program space rather than the DrRacket UI space. Is there any way to cross
that bridge?

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 10:30 PM, Robby Findler <robby at eecs.northwestern.edu>

> Unfortunately, there is not. Depending on what your plugin does, it
> isn't clear that it is really possible. In particular, if you're
> mixing something new into the DrRacket frame then it is hard to know
> what to do with all of the old frames now they should have a new
> class.
> I agree it can be tedious, tho, and there could be a better design of
> an extension API that would make that kind of thing easier (and also
> make it easier to dynamically stop and start plugins) but we're not
> there yet.
> Robby
> On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 8:09 PM, Adam C.M. Solove <asolove at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I'm new to the Racket ecosystem and poking around with the plugin system
> to
> > see how hard it would be to build a minikanren debugger tool in DrRacket.
> > But first, a much more basic question:
> >
> > Is there a good way to interactively write and test DrRacket plugins?
> >
> > I'm currently going through the plugin docs by making a small change,
> > quitting and restarting DrRacket, seeing that it doesn't quite work,
> making
> > another small change, etc. It's a bit frustrating. Is there a way to
> simply
> > reload the plugin I'm working on while leaving my DrRacket session alive?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Adam
> >
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