[racket] 18 scribble-created files

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Nov 23 23:09:51 EST 2014

On second thought, I'll have to think more about 
`http://example.com/racket/<PACKAGENAME>/<VERSIONSTRING>` URLs, as well 
as about the home page URLs.

Main question is what URL should people use in `require` forms, if they 
want to live a little dangerously and always get the latest 
stable-branch version of the package, even if it breaks the API for 
which they coded.  `latest` or `stable` for the <VERSIONSTRING> would be 
easy to do.  But would also be nice to have 
`http://example.com/racket/<PACKAGENAME>` without the <VERSIONSTRING> do 
something sensible in `require` forms, maybe the latest stable-branch 

Also, later, I might add URLs with symlink <VERSIONSTRING>s with `+` on 
the end, so that `http://example.com/racket/foo/1.4+` means "latest 
version of package `foo` in branch that is backward-compatible with 
1.4".  Kludgey, but it would work, and is simple.  (`+` is problematic 
in URLs, due to historical kludges of some URL libraries converting it 
to a space character, but that can be worked around.)

Neil V.

Neil Van Dyke wrote on 11/23/2014 10:28 PM:
> Thanks, Matthew.  I have to rework McFly and my package release setup 
> for the new package system soon, and I plan to work around the 18 
> files then.
> I don't know that my plan is relevant to anyone else, but here it is:
> * Make distributions (and packages?) include the documentation files 
> however they're generated by the current release version of Racket at 
> the time the package version is released.
> * Host the package version distributions (with versions in URLs) on my 
> Web site.  Probably URLs like 
> "http://example.com/racket/<PACKAGENAME>/<VERSIONSTRING>/".
> * Change how I make the Web home page for each package. Currently, 
> each home page is a verbatim copy the Scribble-produced files for the 
> latest released version of the package.  How I plan to change this is, 
> instead of using the Scribble-produced 18 files verbatim, a script 
> will take only the generated `.html` file and any image files, and 
> tweak the HTML slightly to fit into the Web site without all the 
> dependencies.  That works around the 18 files bloat for me, although I 
> have to do upfront work, and I might have to do maintenance work some 
> of the times that a new Racket version changes the HTML.
> * Change the package home page urls (e.g., 
> "http://example.com/racket-charterm/") to fit within the same URL tree 
> that serves the new package versions (e.g., 
> "http://example.com/racket/charterm/").
> Basically, I'm trying to get back to good-quality package version 
> releases being quick&easy to do.  The overhead of additional upfront 
> and ongoing maintenance work on tools is not entirely consistent with 
> quick&easy productivity on the packages, but hopefully I'll find time 
> around Christmas.
> Neil V.

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