[racket] Providing/importing user lang modules.

From: Gustavo Massaccesi (gustavo at oma.org.ar)
Date: Sun Nov 23 08:50:31 EST 2014

You should split the language in three parts:

1) The heresy/pre-base language (or heresy/private/pre-base) that
implements the basic syntax (no pun intended), for example 'if',
'def', ... (probably most of the current content of heresy/main)

2) The libraries, for example heresy/lib/string that implements for
example 'mid', 'left', 'right', ... (I still miss 'right', I have a
definition of 'string-right' in my personal racket library.)The
libraries can be written mostly in heresy/pre-base, with a little part
of racket. Perhaps split that in low-level libraries that use some
racket and high-level libraries that use only a restricted version of
heresy (pre-base + low-level libraries).

3) The heresy language, that reexports all from heresy/pre-base and
the libraries.

If you see he implementation of racket, it starts with a #%kernel
language. Then it constructs the racket/pre-base language with more
features. Then it constructs the racket/base and racket languages.
(Perhaps it has more intermediate steps that I missed.)



On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 3:47 PM, J Arcane <jarcane at gmail.com> wrote:
> Today I decided to set about writing some standard library functions for
> Heresy. My goal is to write as much as I can in Heresy proper, only falling
> back to the Racket core when I need to provide a missing feature.
> The trouble I'm having though, is in making any of this code available to
> other Heresy code or providing it as part of the standard language. I just
> run into circular dependency issues; my lang depends on the core, and if the
> core depends on the library ... round and round we go.
> I'm baffled as to how I can extend my language in my own language if I can't
> actually provide the functions I create for it. How do I write in my lang
> and the provide the results such that future programs can use them, or
> especially, so that the files in my library can safely reference each other?
> As always, the code is here: https://github.com/jarcane/heresy
> Thank you,
> John Berry
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