[racket] Can't get my language package to work.

From: J Arcane (jarcane at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 16 04:52:00 EST 2014


I've been tinkering about with a BASIC-inspired Lisp syntax in Racket to
practice macros. I've now got all the basic definitions established and
wanted to thus start working on making it usable as a language, at least
with #lang s-expr but I'm failing even at that. I can't even get my file to
import and function with (require).

If I provide all-defined-out, I get syntax errors for everything. If I
provide it for-syntax, I don't get syntax errors, but instead it tells me
there are unbound identifiers. Similar results occur when trying to just
require the file, and switching from '#lang s-expr "main.rkt"' to #lang
s-expr syntax/module-reader just switches which of those require methods
causes which error.

You can see the code on the Github now, it's a bit of a mess because
there's a lot of notes about what's being imported/renamed from Racket in
the comments: https://github.com/jarcane/heresy


John Berry
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