[racket] the current package submission system is a mess

From: Ryan Davis (zenspider at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Nov 5 19:14:10 EST 2014

The package submission system is hostile and incredibly frustrating to use.

I've tried a bazillion times now to submit a package (check-sexp-equal) and ensure that:

1) the source points to a git repo properly: it keeps going to an https url and then fails on install because it doesn't have a MANIFEST file. Subsequent changes to git: protocol urls get reverted silently.

2) it is tagged properly: the tags deleted themselves and now I can't edit the tags.

3) it is deleted. If nobody can install it, maybe I should delete it and start over? Can't.

Now when I reload the page it just says "Logging in..." at the top. Is this why my edits aren't going through? There's no way to log out, it seems. I guess I can forcibly delete any cookies for the domain, but is this really the way?

I have no idea how to fix this at this point and need help. I'd be happy if the package were obliterated and I could start over.

I just want to share code with you guys.

This shouldn't be painful.

I should want to do it again.

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