[racket] Running handin-server in headless linux box

From: Ismael Figueroa (ifigueroap at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 14 11:39:19 EDT 2014

Just an FYI, I managed to run the handin-server in a headless linux server.
I had to:

- Install libcairo, libpango, and probably other X11 libraries
- Install xvfb, which is a virtual/fake framebuffer
- Log-in using ssh, then run the screen program
- Inside screen, cd to the folder with the assignments and run xvfb-run
racket -l handin-server
- Press Ctrl-A Ctrl-D to detach from screen
- Log out from the server, and the process is kept running thanks to screen.
- To get back the output, log-in again and execute "screen -r"

I saw some email threads from 2012 discussing a similar issue, and the
suggestion was to use VNC or something like that. I hope this is useful to

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