[racket] customary sqlite3 binary

From: Dmitry Pavlov (dpavlov at ipa.nw.ru)
Date: Wed Jun 11 02:29:35 EDT 2014


I use Racket's db module and its sqlite3 interface.

Recently it happened that I need to recompile sqlite3 binary
and used a modified version, which is the same as the original
one, just with some built-in limits extended.

Now, how do I do that in Racket? Clearly I do not need to modify
the db module itself, I just need to feed it another binary
than the system-wide one that it would load by default.

I found a way: I have put the modified libsqlite3.so to
~/.racket/6.0/lib/ and it works, but now I have a problem
with raco distribute: it is oblivious to the modified
binary and would not put it into the distribution.

I would prefer to explicitly specify a path to the binary,
especially when it comes to 32bit/64bit and Linux/Windows
portability issues.

Is there a way? I see #:get-lib-dirs argument
in (ffi-lib), but I also see that sqlite3/ffi.rkt does
not provide #:get-lib-dirs when it loads the binary.

Best regards,


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