[racket] Learning Path for Web Applications?

From: Ben (yfefyf at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 17 08:38:55 EST 2014

Dear All,

I'm trying to learn web application development. I know how to program
Racket but I know little about web applications.

There is a tutorial and an API document about web applications on the
official site of Racket. But they are not enough for me. I don't even know
how to handle cookies and realize user registration.

I can't find any other books or tutorials on this. I then think up two more
paths for learning:

1. Learn in Ruby/Python/Node first, because they have more books,
tutorials, videos, online courses ... And come back to Racket if I'm still

2. Learn from other people's Racket projects. But I don't know whether
there exist such kind of open source projects for Racket.

What's your suggestion on this?

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