[racket] racket project idea: viable html5 web browser

From: Roman Klochkov (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Mon Feb 3 23:05:17 EST 2014

 Despite my pessimistic point of view, I'm in.

Goal is great and useful, so I like it. Give me task, and I'll do my best. 

Hope, we'll find a little more developers.

Понедельник,  3 февраля 2014, 20:48 -05:00 от Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org>:
>Roman Klochkov wrote at 02/03/2014 07:53 PM:
>> I'm interested.
>> But I'm very duobt, that it is possible in only 6 months. Video is 
>> quite easy with extarnal dll's, but fully standard-compatible JS and 
>> CSS (we even dont' have full XML library with XPath, XSLT, DOM!)
>I agree, I don't think it's possible in only 6 months.  There would be a 
>large amount of work before you could get to the point that you could 
>say convincingly that there was only 6 calendar months left to go.
>I excluded sound and video because doing it in a secure and reliable way 
>is harder in some ways, and a much lower priority, so I would defer it 
>til later.  Existing DLLs are not necessarily the only viable way to get 
>sound and video, nor necessarily the best way, but that's a question to 
>come back to after everything else is working.  (There's also some 
>transitioning and maturing in progress wrt Web video codecs in practice 
>right now.)
>Neil V.

Roman Klochkov
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