[racket] racket project idea: viable html5 web browser

From: Roman Klochkov (kalimehtar at mail.ru)
Date: Mon Feb 3 19:53:13 EST 2014

 I'm interested.
But I'm very duobt, that it is possible in only 6 months. Video is quite easy with extarnal dll's, but fully standard-compatible JS and CSS (we even dont' have full XML library with XPath, XSLT, DOM!)

Понедельник,  3 февраля 2014, 17:04 -05:00 от Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org>:
>I'm just putting this idea out there, to see whether anyone is seriously 
>I'd like to see a few attempts to make a *viable* secure HTML5 Web 
>browser, using Racket or Haskell.  HTML5 with JS, CSS layout, local 
>storage, but no sound or video for now.  Fully GNU-style Free Software, 
>and not biased by any commercial conflicts of interest.  Internally 
>secure and stable in ways that current browsers clearly are not.
>If you need to ask why, look at the constant stream of Web browser 
>security exploits, the *multi-gigabyte* source code bases of C and C++ 
>code, how Firefox's ongoing dependence on recent system library versions 
>makes it hard for stable GNU/Linux distros to maintain a browser with 
>security updates, etc.  Modern browser implementations have become 
>monstrosities beyond what is necessary for the Web standards they have 
>to support.  (Also, a viable Web browser is the current big 
>implementation barrier to a general-purpose desktop/handheld OS that has 
>the entire userspace implemented in Racket or Haskell, straight atop the 
>Linux kernel.  But for now, think of it as a standalone app.)
>Myself, I'm *not* looking for a "hey, we can kinda make a toy browser in 
>Racket good enough to get a paper out of it", nor "hey, a few people 
>attempted Web browsers of some kind, I don't know how far they got, 
>maybe we could start with one of those", nor "it can start out as a 
>student exercise but take over the world 10 years later like Linux 
>did."  Rather, I am looking for something that is done from the start to 
>be viable in the near term as a primary desktop and handheld Web browser 
>(excepting sound&video for now).
>If a couple people are seriously up to sacrificing their evenings and 
>weekends on this for a year, then I can help with architecture and some 
>key components, but I don't have time for attempts that aren't 
>credible.  If we could get to the point that we've demonstrated 
>brilliance and solid progress, and have a credible 6-month plan for 
>completion of a viable browser, then there is an angle I could try to 
>get funding, to pay the contributors to keep going at that point.  (I 
>wouldn't try to get funding from the start, because the project wouldn't 
>be taken seriously until we have something impressive to show, and the 
>timeline is too long and unpredictable at the start.)
>Let me know if you'd like to talk about this.
>Separately, everyone should be encouraged to write a toy Web browser. 
>It's one of those toy programs that everyone should write, as a fun 
>learning exercise.  (Previously, such programs have been text editor, CD 
>player, Scheme interpreter, compiler, kernel, X window manager, etc.). 
>But this toy is separate from above, where I'm talking about something 
>that is not a toy.
>Neil V.
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Roman Klochkov
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