[racket] ANN: 2048 game - Racket edition

From: Daniel Prager (daniel.a.prager at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 22 17:42:12 EDT 2014


1. Thanks to Greg Hendershott the color scheme now matches the original.

2. I've added some caching to take the strain off the GC: tile images are
only made once, and when nothing's happening the image of the grid isn't
being regenerated.

*Neil*: Does the update fix the choppy animation on your box?

*Matthias*: Would it make sense to have an option on (big-bang) for it not
to redraw if the world hasn't changed?


On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org>wrote:

> Very nice, Dan!  Just played a good round of it.  Three comments:
> * The window disappeared and program exited as soon as I couldn't move
> anymore.  (No score, no chance to screenshot, etc.)
> * The color palette is pretty important, for two reasons: (1)
> aesthetically pleasing; and (2) visual indication of high and low pieces,
> as well as of matching pieces.  (128 looks very similar to 2, for example,
> and there was no color help to indicate the positions of the 512, 256, and
> 128, when I was trying to bring them together.)
> * As the game progressed, the animation generally seemed a little
> choppier, as if it had fewer frames than earlier in the game.  I don't know
> whether it was GC cycles, some graphics layer overhead that is hard to
> account for or control, or some app function that could use tweaking.
> BTW, you might want to touch bases with some of the authors of the other
> games in this family.  I talked with the 2048 author recently (about adding
> 2048 to the OpenWrt management console), and s/he was gracious and
> enthusiastic.
> Also BTW, have no *students* yet implemented this game in Racket? Stop
> slacking, and get with the program, students!
> Neil V.

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