[racket] canonical index of Racket courses? [was: Summer programs learning Racket for a student]

From: jab at math.brown.edu (jab at math.brown.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 16 16:45:30 EDT 2014

I recently asked here about in-person Racket courses available this summer
which I could recommend to a student I've been tutoring. (Thanks again to
everyone who let me know about their courses so far.)

To make this info easier to find, I'm wondering if the
racket-lang.orgmaintainers would be interested in publishing a
canonical index of Racket
courses (both online and in-person) linked off the "Community" or
"Learning" sections on the homepage, and inviting the community to add to

(Similarly, linking to a canonical index of Racket meetup groups (à la
http://clojure.meetup.com/ and https://wiki.python.org/moin/LocalUserGroups)
 would be great too. Google turned up http://racket.meetup.com/ but 2 of
the 3 results there are for racket sports.)

Thanks, and looking forward to knowing how to become better plugged into
the Racket community!
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