[racket] a problem with image.rkt teachpack

From: Elena Machkasova (elenam at morris.umn.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 8 20:52:10 EDT 2013

This would alleviate the confusion, thank you! But I agree that now is 
an awkward time to push the change: many schools are just starting their 
semester, and a change at this point may make some notes obsolete right 
at the beginning of the semester.

My students should be ok at this point: we have sorted out the confusion 
already, so no need for an upgrade on our behalf (but we will get it 
once it becomes available).



On 9/8/2013 7:32 PM, Robby Findler wrote:
> Okay, I've made a first attempt on two changes aimed at fixing these 
> problems.
> 1) change the "image.rkt" to "htdp/image.rkt" and "2htdp/image.rkt" so 
> there are no names that are exactly the same
> 2) have the teachpack dialog be sensitive to the already installed 
> teachpacks and give a warning when a new one would conflict with an old.
> Here's a screenshot:
> http://oi40.tinypic.com/v4b9l4.jpg
> showing what I imagine happening when you click on the 2htdp/image.rkt 
> teachpack when you have the htdp/image.rkt one already installed.
> (I would have pushed this already, but there are a few GUI niceties 
> that I want to do before pushing.)
> I'm slightly worried about 1) because there may be course notes out 
> there that tell people "choose the image.rkt teachpack in the left 
> column" that would have to be changed and thus would annoy 
> instructors. Your opinions on this point welcome.
> Robby
> On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 2:34 PM, Elena Machkasova 
> <elenam at morris.umn.edu <mailto:elenam at morris.umn.edu>> wrote:
>     Thanks, Robby and Marco!
>     Yes, such things may be difficult to change - that's totally
>     understandable! I think a significant part of the confusion is
>     that these teachpacks are listed under "Pre-installed" which seems
>     to mean that they are already there when DrRacket is installed,
>     and that there are two teachpacks with the same name. Perhaps
>     using wording other than "pre-installed" and renaming one of the
>     taechpacks (if possible; I know that sometimes there are
>     dependencies that make it very difficult) would help.
>     I posted a detailed clarification for my students, and hopefully
>     they are all set.
>     And I generally don't ask them to remove teachpacks either, but
>     once they've added the wrong one (and many of them added both),
>     it's easier at this point to just clear all and add it again than
>     to make sure that they remove the one they should.
>     Thanks!
>     Elena
>     On 9/6/2013 9:49 PM, Robby Findler wrote:
>>     Unfortunately, this is the way things work. Those are actually
>>     two different teachpacks and the error message that you are
>>     getting is a poorly worded "these two teachpacks conflict with
>>     each other".
>>     Is there perhaps some other behavior you'd prefer?
>>     And, I should also point that even if we do find some fix, there
>>     is little chance that our release schedule can be adjusted to
>>     respond to your lab installation schedule, I'm sorry to say.
>>     Robby
>>     On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 9:29 PM, Elena Machkasova
>>     <elenam at morris.umn.edu <mailto:elenam at morris.umn.edu>> wrote:
>>         Good evening,
>>         this may've come up before, but I looked through the last few
>>         messages and did a bit of searching, and couldn't find
>>         anything about this problem. My apologies if this is already
>>         a known issue.
>>         When DrRacket is installed, it comes with 3 pre-installed
>>         teachpacks, including image.rkt. However, image functions
>>         (rotate, square, etc) are undefined. Installing the teachpack
>>         from the middle column in the "add teachpack" list fixes the
>>         issue.
>>         However, if the user then tries to add the teachpack and
>>         happens to click on it in the first column, they get an error
>>         message "module: identifier already imported from a different
>>         source". The solution that seems to work then is to clear
>>         both teachpacks and then install the one in the middle column.
>>         This behavior takes place for both Racket 5.3.4 and 5.3.6,
>>         for Windows and Linux (Fedora 18). I don't know if it's
>>         happening on a Mac as well.
>>         If there is a plan to fix it in the next release, could you
>>         let me know? We might wait a couple of weeks to upgrade our
>>         lab to 5.3.6 is we can get an upgrade with this issue fixed.
>>         Many thanks!
>>         Elena
>>         University of Minnesota, Morris
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