[racket] Need help using EOPL2e code in Racket 5.3.6

From: Kurt Krebsbach (kurt.krebsbach at lawrence.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 20 13:43:44 EDT 2013


I've been using EOPL2 to teach Programming Languages for a dozen years now,
and am having a great deal of trouble just trying to use the legacy code like define-datatype.scm,
sllgen.scm and the various early interpreters (e.g. 3-1.scm). I'm only interested in about the first 100 pages
of the book, and have been so happy with how it has worked to have students build the interpreter up through
chapter 3.6 that I have been reluctant to change to EOPL3e and use all of the Racket syntax. I would much rather
stick with Scheme. Has anyone done anything similar, and give me advice on how to easily continue using this code?

Here is an example of a current problem I'm having:

Language: Pretty Big; memory limit: 128 MB.
> (load "initdr.scm")
Loading set-up-cmsc460.scm.
Requiring library pretty.
Requiring library trace.scm.
Requiring library macro.scm.
Requiring r5rs
Loading define-datatype.scm.
define-datatype.scm version J3 2001-08-26 10:18
Loading sllgen.scm.
. c:/Documents and Settings\krebsbak\My Documents\CS460\Code\sllgen.scm:1252:8: module: duplicate definition for identifier in: sllgen:action-preference-list

Thank you!

Kurt Krebsbach
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI 54911

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