[racket] new S3 page "upload" link just creates blank package?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Fri Oct 18 18:10:42 EDT 2013

> Fixed now. When you closed the window, it didn't update the URL to
> load the search again

These seem to work. Some suggestions, now:

- To delete a package, it looks like you're supposed to click the trash icon next to the name. I think that this is a confusing interface design, and I would rather see a button separate from the name field labeled "delete package entry" (or whatever).

- Clicking the 'x' in the UR corner still seems like a very counter-intuitive way to say "yes, I like my package, add it to the catalog." Perhaps there could just be another button that says "OK" at the bottom, that does the same thing?

- If I create a new entry, click on the pencil next to the name, type "abc", then click on the pencil next to the source, and type "def", then hit return, the name evaporates.  I claim that the name field should be preserved even if it loses focus. Or, that if it's going to disappear, it should do so immediately when it loses focus, and not when I click return in another box.

Sorry to have so many suggestions,


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