[racket] How about a python ffi for Racket?

From: Andrews, Kyle (KC) (KCAndrews at dow.com)
Date: Fri Oct 4 02:49:40 EDT 2013

Near the end of Matthew Bassett's talk at RacketCon someone mentioned that the Racket developers had integrated Racket with python several times in the past.  If so, what are the challenges towards creating a general purpose python ffi for Racket?  As someone else who does a lot "guerrilla" Racket programming as an engineer in a large (non-software) company, it would be extremely pleasant to have easy access to the plethora of more standard scientific tools available there (and thus also to those available in R, and MATLAB, through libraries like RPy) for prototyping but without leaving the comforts of DrRacket.

Kyle Andrews

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