[racket] classroom response system

From: Danny Heap (heap at cs.toronto.edu)
Date: Fri May 17 16:36:57 EDT 2013

A colleague has developed a classroom response tool that allows
students to download exercises, write solutions, and then either
visualize the execution of their solution or run unit tests, and then
submit their solution.  The instructor can display a histogram of of
the submissions that passed various tests, and then sample some of the
interesting examples to discuss with the class (all this assumes
wireless coverage for the classroom).

This is currently implemented for Python, but my colleague wants to
extend it to other languages.  He has a student looking into the
feasibility of implementing it for DrRacket, with the rough idea

	-- Students and instructors run local instances of DrRacket
           (hence access to the Stepper for student languages)
	-- Run the tests either client- or server-side in a sandbox
	-- Get files to/from DrRacket to server somehow

Since either students or the instructor will want to load files that
are stored remotely (either starter code for exercises or student
submissions), we're trying to figure out how DrRacket can open code
that lives at a URL in the definitions pane.  Any suggestions are very
welcome.  Also, anyone who is curious about the project is welcome to
contact Andrew Petersen <andrew.petersen at utoronto.ca>.

Danny Heap
BA4270			416-978-5899
heap at cs.utoronto.ca	http://www.cs.utoronto.ca/~heap

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