[racket] looking for a simple ssh library.

From: jo (etaoinbe at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 28 17:09:37 EST 2013

Indeed the need is more complicated, the code needs to talk to an agent at the ssh side whose behaviour can be unpredictable. So some kind of bidirectional pipe to ssh is needed to achieve this, it is more than just launching ssh commands. I have just now been prototyping with paramiko in python as well and discovered I also need a kind of unbuffered stream (non blocking io). 


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Subject: Re: [racket] looking for a simple ssh library.
On 2013-02-28 9:33 AM, jo wrote:
> I am looking for a simple ssh library a la net::snmp. The remote node
> does not have racket installed. I want to send and receive commands to
> the device.

I am working on a project that includes writing an implementation of
SSHv2. At the moment it's not quite usable as a client: I have yet to
implement the auth subprotocol, for one.

If Michael Wilber's suggestion of just using (system) doesn't work for
you, let me know and I'll see what I can do about polishing it up for

(Incidentally, I've used (system) to launch ssh to start remote commands
before: the only sticking point for me was I needed to use the "-tt" flag:

  (process (format "ssh -tt ~a '~a'" machine-name command))

... because I wanted my long-running job to be killed when the SSH
connection closed, rather than living on afterward; giving it a
controlling TTY is important in that case.)

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