[racket] Racket v5.3.2

From: Marijn (hkBst at gentoo.org)
Date: Tue Feb 5 03:58:23 EST 2013

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On 01-02-13 19:34, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> At Fri, 01 Feb 2013 15:09:31 +0100, Marijn wrote:
>> On 01-02-13 05:20, Eli Barzilay wrote:
>>> Racket version 5.3.2 is now available from
>>> http://racket-lang.org/
>>> * Documentation cross-reference information is stored in an 
>>> SQLite3 database, which means that SQLite3 is required for
>>> building Racket documentation on Unix/Linux machines (but
>>> SQLite3 is included in Racket distributions for Windows and Mac
>>> OS X).
>> I just built racket on Linux without SQLite installed and with -
>> --enable-docs and it built succesfully. Going to the docs from 
>> DrRacket then failed. Apparently they didn't really get
>> installed. Or SQLite is actually only needed for using the docs
>> and not for building them.
> I'm not in a good position to try it at the moment, but there
> should have been an error during the `make install', and it sounds
> like documentation did not get installed. The `make install' may
> have otherwise succeeded, though, and my guess is that the
> doc-build error isn't noisy enough.

Right. So in the case of docs being disabled, would sqlite still be
needed when scribbling and using third party docs or is its only use
to build (and use I assume) the Racket reference docs?


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