[racket] doc builder error ?

From: Yvan Godin (yvan.godin at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 2 04:17:55 EST 2013

Hello Racketers
I am trying last build Racket and with this single lines
*#lang racket
(require planet2)
(install "sxml")
(install "mongodb")*

and I got this error
*raco setup: --- building documentation ---
link: bad variable linkage;
 reference to a variable that has the wrong procedure or structure-type
  reference phase level: 0
  variable module: "/home/yvan/racket/racket/collects/syntax/location.rkt"
  variable phase: 0
  reference in module: "/home/yvan/racket/racket/collects/racket/date.rkt"
in: module-name-fixup
SQLITE3 is installed
On mint-12 (like Ubuntu and *i386-linux-ubuntu-karmic* always work but it's
the first time I try planet2)

could you help please ?


              Yvan Godin
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