[racket] Would someone prefer paredit shortcuts?

From: (yj_qww6 at 126.com)
Date: Tue Dec 31 21:10:47 EST 2013

Thank you very much, Piotr.
I don't have a Mac now, so I have no chance to do test on Mac by myself.Thank you for your help.

According to the document, Command is mapped to Meta when 'map-command-as-meta-key' produces #t, or we can use "d:" for command.
It should be better to set it to #t by default while still provide multiple keybindings.

Please make a pull request.

This plugin is still incomplete as a port of paredit. More features need to be implemented. I will do it in following days.
At 2013-12-31 23:25:22,"Piotr Kalinowski" <pitkali at gmail.com> wrote:
>Piotr Kalinowski <pitkali at gmail.com>
>> However, notice that instead of C-( and C-) that are used in Emacs as
>> alternatives for slurpage, I had to use C-[ and C-]. For some reason,
>> when I try to input C-( or C-) in DrRacket I end up with just 9 or 0 (is
>> it a bug in GUI?).
>I tried different ways of getting C-( and ), including ?:c:s:(, but the
>only thing that works is using c:s:9, which of course works only in case
>of some keymaps. That is, it will work all the time, but only on some
>keymaps it will correspond to C-(.
>> I'm quite new to DrRacket & Co., so I have no idea how to modify the
>> code to properly support different platforms (yet?).
>I've actually sat down and prepared some improvements:
>- This will allow DrRacket to properly display function names in list of
>  active key bindings, which is quite nice, as you can easily discover
>  what key bindings are available using already existing GUI.
>- This adds alternative key bindings, so that it will work as before on
>  non-mac platforms, and if you set Mac GUI to use Command key as Meta,
>  but also adds key bindings using esc; for meta, and alternative Emacs
>  key bindings for slurpage and barfage.
>Would you want me to make a pull request?
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