[racket] Would someone prefer paredit shortcuts?

From: Piotr Kalinowski (pitkali at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 31 10:25:22 EST 2013

Piotr Kalinowski <pitkali at gmail.com>

> However, notice that instead of C-( and C-) that are used in Emacs as
> alternatives for slurpage, I had to use C-[ and C-]. For some reason,
> when I try to input C-( or C-) in DrRacket I end up with just 9 or 0 (is
> it a bug in GUI?).

I tried different ways of getting C-( and ), including ?:c:s:(, but the
only thing that works is using c:s:9, which of course works only in case
of some keymaps. That is, it will work all the time, but only on some
keymaps it will correspond to C-(.

> I'm quite new to DrRacket & Co., so I have no idea how to modify the
> code to properly support different platforms (yet?).

I've actually sat down and prepared some improvements:

- This will allow DrRacket to properly display function names in list of
  active key bindings, which is quite nice, as you can easily discover
  what key bindings are available using already existing GUI.


- This adds alternative key bindings, so that it will work as before on
  non-mac platforms, and if you set Mac GUI to use Command key as Meta,
  but also adds key bindings using esc; for meta, and alternative Emacs
  key bindings for slurpage and barfage.


Would you want me to make a pull request?

Piotr Kalinowski
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