[racket] Vim+mzscheme

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 14 21:35:20 EST 2013

Using the `--enable-libs` flag to `configure` should get you
"libracket3m.a" in the installation's "lib" directory after installing.
If you're using the top-level makefile from the git repository (as
opposed to, say, a snapshot source bundle from
http://plt.eecs.northwestern.edu/snapshots/ or
http://www.cs.utah.edu/plt/snapshots/), then

 make CONFIGURE_ARGS_qq="--enable-libs"

should work.

For Windows, you specifically need "libmzgc.dll" and "libracket.dll",
which are the CGC variants, as opposed to "libracket3m.dll"? I've put
recent builds here:


At Sat, 14 Dec 2013 21:47:52 -0200, Eduardo Costa wrote:
> I am using Racket as a scripting language for Vim. I believe that the
> number of people who use Racket instead of VimL is not very small. I live
> in a town with 600000 inhabitants, and at least 40 persons use Racket to
> script Vim. Therefore,  I wonder whether the new release of Racket will be
> compatible with Sergey Khorev's Vim+mzscheme.
> I downloaded the sources of Racket and tried to compile
> Vim+mzscheme with it. I failed. It seems that Vim+mzscheme does not find
> the libracket3m.a library. En lieu de, there is a xlibmzscheme3m.a.
> Therefore, I made a copy of xlibmzscheme3m.a to libmzscheme3m.a. This
> fooled the ./cofigure --enablemzschemeinterp into building a Makefile.
> However, this Makefile did not work.
> I have another question related to Vim+mzscheme. There are many buildings
> of Vim+mzscheme for Windows. However, no one of them works, since the
> libmzgc.dll and libmzrackel.dll are missing. Where can I find a complete,
> pre-compiled version of Vim+mzscheme for Windows? I mean, I need the
> missing dlls.
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