[racket] Modern OpenGL support in racket

From: Dmitry Cherkassov (dcherkassov at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 1 13:52:25 EST 2013

>From racket docs i've found that sgl doesn't provide this opengl functionality:

Vertex arrays (GL 1.5, Section 2.8)
Buffer objects (GL 1.5, Section 2.9)
glGetPointerv (GL 1.5, Section 6.1.11)
Buffer object queries (GL 1.5, Section 6.1.13)
Polygon tessellation (GLU 1.3, Section 5)

Are there specific reasons this stuff is not implemented? (Perhaps
some subtle implementation hardships)

Or it's not implemented because there was no need in this stuff so far?

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