[racket] Windows build problems on

From: Ben Goetter (goetter at mazama.net)
Date: Sat Aug 17 14:30:40 EDT 2013

I apologize for the semi-clueless nature of this message.  I know that 
Racket's been going through a lot of changes in the last few months.  
Rip van Winkle here is trying to come back up to speed.

I did a fresh git clone, then built Racket's core on Windows with VS2008 
via the script in racket/racket/src/worksp/build.bat. Apparently this 
built only the core (thank you, Vince on irc).  I got a working 
racket.exe with some intrinsics included, but no drracket or the 
standard libraries (gracket -z complained that it could not find 

At Vince's advice, I tried
     raco pkg install -i main-distribution
to complete my installation, but got a SSL error

     Resolving "main-distribution" via https://pkg.racket-lang.org
     SSLv23_client_method: implementation not found; no arguments provided

So then I did something radical: I read the top-level README.txt and 
followed its directions.
     nmake win32-in-place

This rebuilt the core, created a spurious "-p" subdirectory, and finally 
triggered the complain-no-submodule target:
     "Native packages are not in the expected subdirectory" something 
something "git submodule" something

Generally, what's the new proper practice for building my own Racket on 
Windows?  Build.bat no longer suffices by itself.


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